Second DUI Offense in Los Angeles

Second DUI offense is always a life changing experience. It leads to more severe consequences (extra prison time, a longer driver’s certificate delay, superior fines, and supplementary sentences) than a first DUI felony. You have 10 calendar days to contact qualified DUI attorney who accurately recognizes what criterion should be met for qualification of substitute sentencing.

The penalties for the second DUI offense in Los Angeles includes an obligatory prison time up from 10 days to one year and penalties from $400 to $1,500. You can avoid prison and face alternative programs, such as House Arrest or Electronic Monitoring.

Your driver’s license may be confiscated for a period up to 2 years and almost certainly there will be installed a blast-off interlock tool on your vehicle. If your driver’s certificate is business one with the second DUI offense you will face its disqualification.  Take actions to maintain rights to drive.

Additionally, according to the Substance cruelty and offense avoidance Act, the second time DUI lawbreaker can be obliged for regulated behavior courses as a replacement for imprisonment. This includes first of all society service for a specified period. You will also be obligated to attend DUI training classes for 18 months.

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